OU football fans must decide how to use their money

Jacob Henry

Fans of the University of Oklahoma have to decide whether to spend their hard-earned money on Big 12 Championship game tickets this weekend or save up for the annual College Football Playoff if the Sooners were to be victorious on Saturday.

This is a tough decision for many OU fans, as a Big 12 Championship appearance is more common than a CFP appearance.

“The decision was based off of money, because I don’t have any,” Austin Siegenthaler, OU graduate student, said, “We kind of think that OU is going to win the game, so me and my buddies are planning on going to the playoff game following that game. I have to save up for Christmas and stuff.”

For many other students, they feel they can’t miss either game.

“I think I’m going to go to both, I’ve kind of saved up a little bit, sold some tickets here and there so I could put it towards these next few games,” Christopher Hendrix, OU senior, said, “It’s my senior year, so I decided I need to go because I’m not going to have any other time to get tickets like this.”

Of all the people polled, 40 fans said they were going to be watching the game in some fashion. Of those 40, 19 said they were going to the Big 12 Championship game, nine said they were saving up for the CFP game, 10 said they were going to both games and 12 said they could not afford to go to either game.

With Big 12 Championship game tickets ranging from $100 to thousands of dollars, the Sooners hope more fans will show up and give them a home field advantage.

Luckily for the Sooners, of the 40 fans polled, 95% predicted OU would be successful in acquiring their 11th Big 12 Championship.

The Sooners take on the TCU Horned Frogs on Saturday at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas at 11:30 a.m.