Hidden coffee shop leaves upper classmen in the dark


Gabriel Castillo

On the bottom floor of Gould Hall, just below the architecture library, the Charles W. Graham Café sits nearly empty, one barista passing time until close.

Photo by: Gabriel Castillo The Charles W. Graham Café sits empty just after closing on Thursday September 13 at 4:32 pm.

This is not something new for the café, paired alongside its hidden location, the café is almost exclusively used by architecture students even though it is one of the only coffee shops between the freshmen towers and the Student Union.

Upperclassmen are saying the reason they were not aware of the café is because of a distinct lack of PR by University Housing and Food, leaving them with next to no knowledge of on campus dining options.

Sierra Kihega is a junior at OU who says she thought the Union and the Library were the only places to get coffee on campus.

“I have honestly never seen as much as a poster for the café in Gould Hall, as an upperclassman I feel like there really aren’t any means for me to be notified of these types of things.”

While all the times and locations for on campus dining are available on the OU Housing and Food website, many students rely on posters and word of mouth to get information regarding dining, however many upperclassmen who live off campus miss out on much of this information.