Gen Z issues could roil 2020

Stingray Schuller

For the past few days, I’ve been traveling to colleges across Iowa. Today I’m at the University of Iowa asking generation Z students what issues are important to them.

“Climate, the climate, climate change.”

Grace Johnson, a University of Northern Iowa student, said: “Climate change, and all of that. I’m, I’m super into science and, and all of that.

“And I think it’s just really important, you know, as far as, like, our future, you know, cause we got a long ways to go and I really don’t want to be living in a crappy place. You know.

Stingray Schuller reports on Generation Z issues from Iowa.

Austin Enderson, a junior at the University of Iowa, said the economy and foreign policy are what concern him.

James Bauer, of Iowa City, is not a student, is not a student but it isn’t because he doesn’t want to be.

“Well, the reason the amount of student because they can’t afford it. So I would say affordable education and affordable healthcare.”

But Logan Burger has other issues in mind.

Logan Burger: Uh, not only billing, being able to beat Trump, but I think just in general, um, social issues, definitely. Um, reproductive rights and, um, LGBTQ plus issues.”

An estimated 11% of youth caucused in 2016 move to 2020 and 35% of youth say they will caucus on Feb. 3.

With this election set to have record high youth turnout. It’s only a matter of time to see whether or not their voices will be heard. 

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