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Lebanese Sisters Bring Middle Eastern Flavor to Norman

Shereen Hashem

April 27, 2017

An aroma of meats cooking and Middle Eastern pastries baking filled the air in the small takeout restaurant wedged between Sonic and 7-Eleven. Sisters Mediterranean Taste, located on the intersection of Chautauqua Avenue and Imhoff Road, is owned by sisters who are Lebanese immigrants. “When first...

Annual Medieval Fair Attracts Guests from All Over the Nation

Shereen Hashem

April 1, 2017

Norman residents as well as people from all across the country visit the annual Medieval Fair in Norman, OK on March 31. Take a step back in time and see the lords, ladies, knights and dragons dressed to impress and eager to meet others just like them. The 41st annual Medieval Fair will be open Frid...

International Students are Given Something to ‘Buzz About’

Shereen Hashem

March 3, 2017

The pungent smells of Indian curry and African rice wafted into the Bookmark Café as students huddled around foods most had never before seen. The University of Oklahoma’s Information Technology ‘Boomer Buzz’ hosted an event specifically for international students. Boomer Buzz is a student-lead ...

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