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Climate Change and Hurricanes

Sarah Guevara

September 19, 2017 Grace Whitmill Freshman Biomedical Engineer Ariana Gannon Freshman Environmental Engineer Alyson Echols Freshman Biomedical  Engineer Payton Dugan Sophomore Petrol...

OU Student Shoots for the Stars

Eman Beck

Luke Schumacher

September 15, 2017

In a day and age that desires more women in STEM fields, an OU student is participating in a year-long mentorship sponsored by NASA to become more equipped to teach future students about science. Eman Beck, a chemical biosciences major, is getting certification in secondary science education. She first...

The role of climate change in hurricanes Irma, Harvey

Jordan D'Silva

September 13, 2017

By: Jordan D'Silva and Jackson Sharp Climate change has been linked to many of the natural disasters in recent years, but none so heavily as the hurricanes of the past few weeks. OU students were asked about the link between climate change and the hurricanes and the steps that should be taken going...

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