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Inside an Oklahoma City Bombing Survivor’s Story

Leah Whiticker

April 26, 2017

There are stories that in crazy moments time moves in slow motion. At 9:02 a.m., she felt hot wind hit her face. It was so fast it was like riding a motorcycle with hair being pulled back. She remembered thinking it was a gas explosion from the gas problem from the week before. Then, she realized that...

Taco About Passion

Lalo Hernandez standing outside of his own business, Lalo’s I Love my Taco Chop and Grill. By Leah Whiticker

Leah Whiticker

April 1, 2017

He left his stable corporate job for family time and passion. His love for cooking led to starting his own business with a food truck. In the beginning, there were hard times and only $1.86 in his account. Lalo Hernandez is now his own boss and still in business after opening four years ago.  His day...

It is Hotter in the City

Meteorology Students Research Soil Moisture and Urban Heat Islands

Leah Whiticker

March 4, 2017

  Two students at the University of Oklahoma are trying to figure out why the temperature is warmer in a metropolitan area compared to a rural area.   Jason Newby and Stuart Edris, seniors in the meteorology school, are studying the connection between soil moisture and the urban heat island...

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