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College Sports and Sexual Assault Awareness

November 19, 2020

OU Football is taking steps to ensure its athletes are informed about sexual violence. Routes TV talks to coach Bob Stoops and quarterback Baker Mayfield.

One in Five

November 19, 2020

Reports say one in five women on college campuses have been a victim of sexual assault.

Black Mental Health

Dane Norwood, Reporter November 19, 2020

Why some in the black community who struggle with mental health feel they have to do so in silence. Dane Norwood reports.

Eating Disorders

Juliet Jarrett, Reporter November 19, 2020

How one woman overcame her eating disorder and now has a mission to help others do the same. Juliet Jarrett reports.

Kids & Trauma

Madison Pfeifle, Reporter November 19, 2020

Kids who suffer trauma are getting help from one Oklahoma resource. Madison Pfeifle reports.

The Depression Roller Coaster

Noah Janoe, Reporter November 19, 2020

How two OU students who are diagnosed with bipolar help each other as roommates. Noah Janoe reports.

A Tale of Two Students-Bipolar Roommates

Tyler Moore, Reporter November 19, 2020

Living with Bipolar disorder is challenging, but two college students with two different types of the disorder say they're better off together. Tyler Moore reports.

Don’t Swipe Right-Social Media Addiction

Victoria Dill, Reporter November 19, 2020

We all joke about being addicted to social media, but is it actually a real mental health issue? Victoria Dill reports.

Living on the Edge-LGBTQ+ Youth and Mental Health

Aaron Cardenas, Reporter November 19, 2020

Studies show that LGBTQ+ youth suffer more depression and mental health issues than most. In fact, at times some are even driven to the streets as they struggle for acceptance and peace. Aaron Cardenas...

Mental Health-You Don’t Know What It’s Like

Sierra Winters, Student Reporter November 9, 2020

One in five college students suffer from a mental illness. However, most think they're alone. Sierra Winters reports.  

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