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“Survive & Thrive” is a twenty-four episode podcast series where our team will interview Oklahomans across a diverse spectrum as how to “Survive and Thrive” during the twofold crisis of the health and racial pandemics. Oklahomans are no stranger to tragedy: The state’s history is checkered with traumas such as the Dust Bowl, Tulsa Race Massacre, Trail of Tears, and the Oklahoma City bombing. Out of those tragedies was born the “Oklahoma Standard”. Now, as the state once again grapples with hardship, This time with COVID-19 and racial heartache, we will hear from multiple Oklahomans who must once again learn to survive and thrive. This podcast is presented by Gaylord News in collaboration with the Institute of Human Flourishing. The official website dedicated to the “Survive & Thrive” podcast can be found here.

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“America’s Cross-Roads” is a 10-episode podcast series that takes you through the 2020 election and dissects the underworkings of Oklahoma politics. This podcast will discuss in detail what exactly Christian nationalism is and the huge role it plays in politics for the 46th state. Each episode will focus on a different aspect of understanding Christian nationalism and will often bring in experts to discuss the topic alongside the Gaylord News team.
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