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Students Brave Crowds for Library Study Spots

Rebecca Walters May 11, 2017

With just a few days left in the semester, OU students are taking to every study spot available to cram for their final tests. One of campus' most popular spots is the Bizzell Memorial Library. The library's...

Clear MVP pick

Rebecca Walters April 20, 2017

Biology pre-med senior Emily Sowah has a strong and simple answer for the question of who will be this season's NBA MVP. Check it out. To stay up to date, follow me on Twitter @RebWaltersTV.

Who will win NBA MVP?

Rebecca Walters April 20, 2017

With the NBA playoffs in full swing, OU students are sharing their opinions on who deserves the title of NBA Most Valuable Player. Freshman Caleb Boydston is particularly passionate. Stay up to date by...

Campus Corner shop gains popularity, credibility

Rebecca Walters April 13, 2017

Plant biology and biotechnology freshman Tucker Desko hasn't been to The Baked Bear yet, but the popularity surrounding the new shop has helped shape his opinion already. Check out what he has to say. Follow...

Student doubts longevity of popularity of new ice cream shop, The Baked Bear

Rebecca Walters April 12, 2017

Despite having great ice cream, higher education masters student Jeremiah Stinnett says the new delicious store on Campus Corner might face some obstacles down the road. Check out what he has to say. Follow...

Betty is working on her latest project, a royal blue gown for a customer graduating from medical school. Photo by Rebecca Walters.

Edmond seamstress battles blood disorder

Rebecca Walters March 30, 2017

“The doctors, they told me I wouldn’t live past 5, 10, 20 years old. ‘You will die soon’, they told me,” said Betty Sowah, who turned 60 years old a few weeks ago. “Now I’m here, running...

SRT spends huge effort for little recognition

Rebecca Walters March 4, 2017

  Zack Maxwell dedicates most moments outside of class, homework and sleep to his team. He and his teammates are in their ‘gym’ for upwards of 30 hours a week. Their season is twelve months long,...

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