Gaylord News is a reporting project of the University of Oklahoma Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Communication

Gaylord News

Gaylord News is a reporting project of the University of Oklahoma Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Communication

Gaylord News

Gaylord News is a reporting project of the University of Oklahoma Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Communication

Gaylord News

Members of the Potawatomi Fire warm up before their game against the Rockwall 7’ers on April 22. Gaylord News/Steven Plaisance

Potawatomi Fire pro basketball team drawing community support

Steven Plaisance May 18, 2022

SHAWNEE – Oklahoma’s newest professional sports team, the Potawatomi Fire, is 14-6 and in fourth place in The Basketball League’s central division in its inaugural season — not bad for a team that...

Educators initially struggled to determine how House Bill 1775 would impact classroom teaching. (Photo by CDC on Unsplash)

Anti-CRT law leads to little change in K-12 education

Faythe Miller May 14, 2022

Educators across Oklahoma were left trying to figure out the premise and purpose of House Bill 1775, adopted in 2021, which prompted six pages of emergency rules connected to an academic field known as...

Marijuana growers struggling to navigate changing legal landscape

Pepper Purpura May 9, 2022

WASHINGTON – Medical marijuana is a booming industry in Oklahoma with over 12,000 marijuana business licenses issued. The state was once renowned as a grower’s paradise with few regulations.  But...

Supreme Court now will decide how criminal prosecutions will be handled

Pepper Purpura May 6, 2022

The fate of how criminal prosecutions are handled on native lands is now in the hands of the U.S. Supreme Court.  The high court is considering arguments it heard this week about who should prosecute...

Larry Heikkila campaign sign in a Norman residents front lawn. Photo by: Emily Wilkerson

Are city governments becoming too partisan?

Emily P. Wilkerson May 5, 2022

Mayoral and city council races are non-partisan in Oklahoma, but some candidates have made it clear they embrace party lines on issues such as mask mandates, police department funding and the banning of...

School boards across the nation decided how to handle the Pandemic in their respective districts. While dealing with routine agenda items and COVID-19, Oklahoma boards have also been faced with the integration of House Bill 1775. PHOTO BY:

Pandemic, new state law stressful for school board members

Mary Catherine Wells May 4, 2022

With no manual or list of emergency procedures, school boards across the country were each in a unique position to build district plans and decide what was best for their communities as the COVID-19 pandemic...

The Kaw Nation’s Sacred Red Rock called “Iⁿ ‘zhúje ‘waxóbe, was a place of cultural ceremony and gathering for the Kaw people prior to removal to Oklahoma in 1872. The stone was moved from the Kaw’s homelands near the Kansas River and Shunganunga Creek, just outside Topeka, to Robinson Park in Lawrence, Kan., as part of Lawrence’s 75th anniversary celebration in 1929, and was fitted with a plaque celebrating the pioneers of Kansas. (Photo provided by James Pepper Henry.)

Oklahoma tribes increasingly reclaim out-of-state ancestral homelands: “We Are Still Here”

Nancy Marie Spears May 2, 2022

Tribes across the nation are increasingly buying back or being gifted back property in their ancestral homelands, either to build economic sustainability or to manage cultural preservation sites. Muscogee...

Attorney General John O’Connor and Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt attend a press conference after the hearing. (Gaylord News/Mikaela DeLeon)

Oklahoma and tribes’ tempers flare as Supreme Court case heats up

Mikaela DeLeon April 27, 2022

WASHINGTON – An attorney arguing for the state of Oklahoma told U.S. Supreme Court justices that “thousands of crimes” have gone unprosecuted since a ruling two years ago removed state jurisdiction...

Native American reservations have helped to define Oklahoma. (Courtesy of Oklahoma Department of Transportation)

Oklahoma tribes strike back at critics ahead of Supreme Court arguments

Mikaela DeLeon April 25, 2022

WASHINGTON – Oklahoma’s Five Tribes pushed back against critics of tribal sovereignty last week as the U.S. Supreme Court prepared to hear oral arguments Wednesday in a case that could solidify the...

Part of the Children Book Collection at the University of Oklahoma Bizzell Library. Photo provided by University of Oklahoma.

Oklahoma Becomes Latest State Seeking to Pass Book Banning Legislation

Beck Connelley March 25, 2022

When Kyle Reynolds, superintendent of Woodward Public Schools saw that the book Fahrenheit 451 was on a list of books under review by the Oklahoma Attorney General, he thought “There's Irony in That.”  Fahrenheit...

Oklahoma Indian Country. (Oklahoma Department of Transportation).

Oklahoma’s tension with tribes attracts attention of western states

Nancy Marie Spears March 3, 2022

While Oklahoma remains in a power struggle with its 39 tribes on criminal jurisdiction and whether Native American reservations still exist, some Western states have been collaborating with their tribes...

Hern speaks with a reporter in his office the day after the State of the Union, Wednesday, Mar. 2, 2022 (Gaylord News/Mikaela DeLeon)

Oklahoma delegation pans Biden’s State of Union speech

Mikaela DeLeon March 2, 2022

WASHINGTON - President Joe Biden drew mixed reviews from both sides of the aisle to his State of the Union speech Tuesday but the Oklahoma delegation made clear its disappointment. Biden's speech focused...

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