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The owners of the Greek House restaurant decide to sell the business

A cook is slicing meat on a vertical spit at the Greek House restaurant. The kitchen in Greek House is unique: Instead of being hidden in the back of the building, the cooks greet the visitors from behind the counter.

Vladyslav Alforov

March 31, 2018

An Iranian family that owns the Greek House restaurant near Campus Corner decided to sell the business due to hard working conditions. The place was established in 1979 and has barely changed since. When in 2012 the original owner sold Greek House and moved back to Greece, the Tajbakhshs purchased t...

Restaurant owner gives recovering addicts jobs, chance to start over

Emily Nichols

April 3, 2017

By Emily Nichols Small business owner and operator of Coriander Café Chris Le knows the importance of a second chance. Le’s parents immigrated to the U.S. as refugees from Vietnam 30 days before the end of the Vietnam War, taking a dangerous chance to start their lives over again.  Knowing little...

Venezuelan Food Hits Oklahoma

Lauren Linville

March 31, 2017

By: Lauren Linville Einar Perdomo left Venezuela in 2013 to escape the poor quality of life his homeland offered. He and his wife left everything in order to create a new life in Oklahoma. Perdomo first opened Amazonia Latin Flavors in Moore in 2015 to bring a taste of Venezuela to Oklahoma but later...

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