Oklahoma City artist brings Latin pop to Norman Music Festival

Mary Smith

From as early as the age of two Lincka Elizondo as always known what she wanted to do: sing and perform. Her mother, Lurdes Elizondo, can remember Lincka pointing at the TV while a woman sang and saying that she wanted to do that, too, Lurdes said.

This year Lincka will perform on her biggest stage yet at Norman Music Festival as one of the Saturday headliners, getting one step closer to being a nationally renowned artist.

The journey so far has been a transformative one, Lincka said.

During her past three years at the Academy of Contemporary Music in Oklahoma City, Lincka has always been in search of the sound and style that suits her best. So far, she, along with bandmates Dan Ashford and Salvador Chavez, have crafted something that spans across several genres.

Guitarist and producer, Ashford, described their sound as Latin pop mixed with indie rock and even then he’s not sure if that covers it all.

Although their sound has evolved Lincka’s lyrics have been consistently very political so far.

Lincka often weaves Spanish lyrics in with English lyrics to create a bilingual experience. She has focused more on Mexican people and immigrants in her songwriting.

“It’s very serious lyrics with upbeat music,” Ashford said.”She writes about needed justice for her people.”

The members of the band Lincka have fluctuated throughout the past year, at first starting with five members and then shrinking to just three, she said.

“We realized with time who was essential and who wasn’t,” Lincka said. “It’s the perfect team because Dan’s the producer and Sal is an essential writer, he helps us so much with the musical arrangement, and me with the message and the lyrics and the melody. It’s like a perfect team.”

Throughout the process of developing their band and sound they have received enormous support from Lincka’s family and friends.

“I love the music she creates,” Lurdes said.“I think and I feel in my heart that she is going to make it.”

Festival goers can expect a vibrant, engaging and visual performance from Lincka at Norman Music Festival.