OU Students Overwhelmed During Dead Week

Michael McCareins

For OU students, “Dead Week”, often is not really any different from any other week during the school year, even though the week, which comes prior to finals, is supposed to ease students into final exams.

Freshmen anthropology major Madison Roberts and junior health and exercise science major Pablo Fisher both have seen firsthand how Dead Week can negatively affect them going into finals.

“Now, I don’t see myself having a lot to do, but last semester, it was a lot,” Roberts said. “I couldn’t handle it.”

Fisher said he typically has experienced the same thing – professors not backing off during dead week.

“In the past, I feel like I’ve definitely been overwhelmed to where I’ve cried because I had so much work,” Fisher said. “This semester, I had two or three presentations due during dead week when I was trying to find time to study, so I had to put it off.”

With many students on campus having a regular workload the week prior to finals, it raises the question what dead week really means and if the regulations are enforced strictly enough.