Casey Neistat makes an entrance to CAC’s lecture event on student’s longboard

Cassidy Mudd

Norman, Oklahoma— For some OU students, Casey Neistat’s lecture was un-eventful, especially because most didn’t get into the event, but for one student the lecture was one he’d never forget.

“Casey Neistat road my longboard,” said Trey Lehman, a sophomore film and media studies major.

Lehman was lucky enough to attend the event, for many (hundreds?) of people were turned away. Just before the event, Lehman set the longboard he rode to the event against what he thought was a wall to have it out of the way.

Then someone opened the paneling.

“Suddenly, there was Casey Neistat carrying a chair,” said Lehman. “Until he saw my longboard.”

Casey dropped the chair, grabbed the board and road it to the front of the audience to give his speech as Lehman sat, baffled.

“There’s this weird one-sided relationship with the YouTuber and the viewer because I’m watching him and he doesn’t know I exist,” said Lehman. “But finally, he saw may face, he road my longboard. Casey is truly an inspiration to me and my videography.”