Daycare during teacher walkout at Journey Church

Kelsea Bickerstaff

Students worshipping to begin their daycare activities at Journey Church on April 3 in Norman.

NORMAN – A Norman church has been hosting a daycare for parents to leave their children during the teacher walkout.

Journey Church will open its doors from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. for every day the teacher walkout continues. They have offered students free food and have activities planned throughout the day. Haley Spradlin, ministry staff member of Journey Church, said the team has organized the activities similar to their summer vacation bible school program.

“We have a VBS, which is vacation bible school, in the summer, and the worship for that is totally kid-centered,” said Spradlin. “It’s very high-energy and fun, so we knew we wanted to do something like that.”

Although the church has been holding Christian-based activities, they do not want to turn those who have not attended church before away.

“It would definitely not be an intimidating place to come for people who have never been to church before,” said Spradlin. “The main theme is high-energy and fun, but also a relaxing environment for kids just to come for their parents to keep their schedules the same.”

Their main goal was for parents who work or are teachers to have a safe place for their kids to be throughout the day, as those parents would normally depend on school as a daycare.

The church has allowed students in kindergarten through fourth to participate in activities in the morning. Students fifth through high school can come to serve and help out during that time, then their activities will be held in the afternoon.