Gov. Stitt says he and president agree on certain energy issues


WASHINGTON, D.C. — Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt said he reached common ground with President Biden on energy issues during the governor’s visit to the White House.

Governors from across the country gathered for the 115th winter meetings of the National Governors Association, held Feb. 9-11 in Washington, D.C. Stitt was one of four chosen to ask a question of President Joe Biden when the governors met with him at the White House on Friday.

“We talked about kind of an all-of-the-above energy approach. I was asking the president ‘let’s take our foot off the brake and allow more innovation,” said Stitt, who spoke with Gaylord News on Saturday.

“Let’s let the free market flourish and to meet the needs of Americans. I think Oklahoma has a great energy story to tell, we are one of only four states that 50% of our energy comes from renewables so we can all be really proud of that.”

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, in the year 2021 wind made up 41% of Oklahoma’s total electricity net generation, which surpassed natural gas’ share for the first time. The state ranked third in the United States in total electricity net generation from wind.

“We are a huge oil and gas state, but what people don’t realize is we are also a huge wind state and we are a net-exporter, we produce more energy than we consume and therefore it’s led to a reliable, affordable energy grid that’s really the envy of the country and the envy of the world right here in Oklahoma,” Stitt said.

Stitt says he looks forward to discussing issues surrounding energy and finding common ground with the president.

“We are kind of all on the same page because as the nation’s governors, we are trying to make sure that we are providing better services for our citizens. That means lower electricity cost and lower cost at the fuel pump.”

Stitt, a Republican, and the Democratic president have not seen eye-to-eye on many issues, but Stitt said he and Biden agreed on lowering the costs of electricity and fuel.

“The president agreed with us and told me we need to work on those things.”

Stitt said he came away with a positive outlook for the future.

“It’s exciting when you can sit down and talk with one another and it’s not so political with this side versus this side or shirts versus skins, let’s just sit down and focus on making the U.S. the strongest country in the world,” Stitt said.

“I want to make Oklahoma a top 10 state in everything we do. I told the president it’s one team, one fight, we are all in this together and to make the lives of the American citizens better,” Stitt said.


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