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Students Experience Unique Opportunities at National Weather Center

Students Experience Unique Opportunities at National Weather Center

Matt Welsh

September 22, 2017

Students and researchers are utilizing a unique grouping of public, private and academic institutions to analyze weather patterns and learn from hands-on experiences. The National Weather Center is located on Jenkins Avenue, housing federal, state, private and student organizations. Classes in the Na...

OU researchers go to extremes for hurricane data

SMART radar and NSSL Mobile Mesonet in Georgia on their way to Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  Photo provided by Addison Alford.

George Stoia

September 15, 2017

A University of Oklahoma graduate student and professor travelled to Florida the past week, sleeping in their cars to collect data from Hurricane Irma that will help predict future forecasts.   Ph.D student Addison Alford and meteorology professor Mike Biggerstaff drove to Fort Lauderdale, Florida last We...


Emergency employees became meteorology students for the week to better their preparation in severe weather situations.

Tori Johnson

September 15, 2017

NORMAN--A state-funded safety management program teaches those eligible the logistics of weather to prepare rescue teams sent to Houston, Florida or other places where natural disasters have occurred. OK-First welcomed emergency management employees from across the state to the University of Oklahoma this...

The role of climate change in hurricanes Irma, Harvey

Jordan D'Silva

September 13, 2017

By: Jordan D'Silva and Jackson Sharp Climate change has been linked to many of the natural disasters in recent years, but none so heavily as the hurricanes of the past few weeks. OU students were asked about the link between climate change and the hurricanes and the steps that should be taken going...

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