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Large school districts have less despite spending more

Elizabeth Sims

April 12, 2018

By Elizabeth Sims and Luke Schumacher, [UNFILTERED] reporters Graphics by Elizabeth Sims   A map of the instructional expenditures per student by district. Click here for full-screen map.   School districts in the metropolitan areas of Oklahoma – specifically, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Moore and Edmond – have the highest total instructional expenditures but spend far less per...

One OK teacher walkout is worth two in the brush for art education

Brigette Waltermire

April 12, 2018

Every year, “Oklahoma Arts Day” is held at the Oklahoma State Capitol on a day designated by Oklahomans for the Arts (OFTA). This year, it just so happened to be during the Oklahoma teacher walkout. The typical art day model for OFTA was “not practical.” The OFTA partnered with Oklahoma A+ Schools,...

Oklahoma looking to call in more gambling revenue for education fund pot

Tyler Hall

April 8, 2018

As the teacher walkout intensified over the past week, the methods Oklahoma uses to obtain education funding came under extreme scrutiny.   Many took to social media to share their confusion, outrage and – most importantly – find answers. Sonya Nevaquaya, former tribal leader and casino compliance off...

Norman elementary school extends care program for teacher walkout

Sarah Guevara

April 7, 2018

Eisenhower Elementary School has been offering a care program during the teacher walkout. Of the 17 closed schools in Norman, eight have been hosting child care programs while school is not in session. Normally the Community After School Program will run from when school gets out until 4:30 p.m., but...

Young teacher feels inspired through walkout

Victor Pozadas

April 6, 2018

Sarah Massey understands the importance of her role amongst her peers from Eugene Field Elementary in Oklahoma City, even though she has only been teaching for two months. Massey said she decided to stay in Oklahoma after being hired at Eugene Field Elementary. “I think being a new and young teacher...

Perry schools support OK teacher walkout, do not close schools

The Perry High School marquis displays the current date and date of the teacher walkout for Oklahoma on Monday. Though supportive of the movement, Perry schools were in session on the day of the walkout due to end-of-year scheduling requirements while many other schools around the state were closed for the event.

Brigette Waltermire

April 3, 2018

PERRY, Oklahoma – Schools in Perry, Oklahoma, were not closed for the teacher walkout on April 2, 2018, in Oklahoma City. School faculty and the school board supported the teachers, but it was decided at the end of last week that school would remain in session. Faculty meetings were held in Perry o...

New Club Rolls into OU

Lauren Linville

April 22, 2017

By: Lauren Linville The University of Oklahoma added a roller derby club to the long list of student organizations this past year. The club is a branch of the Oklahoma Victory Dolls Roller Derby team. Cheyenne Riggs, an OU faculty member, started the club at OU and said she wants the club to expand,...

Donut Shop Owner Perseveres Despite Tragedy

Dipti Patel stands behind the counter of her Donut King shop on Lindsey Street after the morning rush. She and her husband, Sanjay Patel, bought the shop in 1994, when it was a Dunkin’ Donuts franchise.  Megan Ross / The Daily

Megan Ross

April 1, 2017

NORMAN, OKLAHOMA – The bell clangs as a customer pushes through the door. “What can I get you?” the woman behind the counter asks with a smile. The customer does not know that the woman’s husband has been in a coma for five years. The customer orders a dozen glazed donuts. The woman is Dipt...

SRT spends huge effort for little recognition

Rebecca Walters

March 4, 2017

  Zack Maxwell dedicates most moments outside of class, homework and sleep to his team. He and his teammates are in their ‘gym’ for upwards of 30 hours a week. Their season is twelve months long, and it’s over after a single competition. In 2011 the team placed second in the nation, fourth...

Hispanic Voters are looking to make an impact in Arizona

Hispanic Voters are looking to make an impact in Arizona

Luis Rendon

December 2, 2016

Phoenix, Arizona Stephanie Rodriguez's life was turned upside down 10 years ago. Despite being born in California the then eight-years-old Rodriguez was forced to leave the United States with her mother who was being deported to Mexico. Now, Rodriguez, 18, studies journalism at Arizona State University.My...

Black Millennials Believe Stakes are High Coming into General Election

Rev. Michael Wortham, College and Young Adult Pastor, presents a message on faith and politics at the mid-week service.

Bekah York

November 16, 2016

ATLANTA, GA —The stakes are particularly high for the free world and America in this year’s election according to Black millennials attending mid-week service at the historic Ebenezer Baptist Church here. But like many millennials nationwide, they are reluctant to rely upon the government for change...

Fayetteville rebuilds after Hurricane Matthew flooding

Citizens in Fayetteville, North Carolina begin to repair the damage left behind by Hurricane Matthew's flooding.

Elizabeth Sims

November 16, 2016

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C.---“The damage is scattered across the city like an artist flicked a paintbrush on a canvas.” Nearly two weeks after Hurricane Matthew made landfall on the east coast of the United States, communities across Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina are picking the pieces. Though...

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