State Parks Could Lose to Budget Cuts

Ashley Eddy

Almost half of Oklahoma’s State Parks are at risk of being shut down due to budget cuts. The state parks that are in the risk, were chosen due to their visiting numbers and amount of revenue being the lowest.

One of these parks includes Lake Eufaula State Park. Eufaula is a small town, located right near the lake. Its park attracts many visitors from around the area and several tourists. Many were upset when they heard it may no longer exist in the future.

Kaley Coleman comes with her mom to the park often. She said it is a sort of family tradition.

“My mom and I come down here to the park and walk many times during the month, since it is just so pretty and relaxing,” Coleman said. “I was shocked to hear it could be closing. It just isn’t fair.”

The Lake Eufaula State Park holds many programs throughout the year for people to gather at. The committee who coordinates the events is titled the “Friends of Lake Eufaula State Park.” The people apart of the committee are afraid all of their efforts could go to waste if the park closes.

Mary Fisher is a current member of the committee, and a big reason why the events take place. She realizes that the park provides entertainment to people of a small town.

“There’s just not a lot of other family oriented activities that you can do in the area, so I think it’s really gonna affect the small surrounding communities,” Fisher said.

The total hits would be specifically to 16 state parks, one state golf course, 80 full-time employees, the Oklahoma Today magazine and the Miami Travel Information center.

Kids playing at Lake Eufaula State Park
Lake Eufaula State Park signs