OU students mull DACA

Nicole Nielsen

Mitch McFerren, a senior sociology major, gives a short quote on the rights he believes children who were brought here have to stay.

Juan Ramos, a senior environmental biology major, explains through his own family experiences why he supports DACA.

Colleen Mulhern, a sophomore business sports management/accounting major, explains here why she believes that every individual deserves equal opportunities.

Dorsa Hajimirsadeghi, a sophomore microbiology major, talks about how being an immigrant herself has changed her outlook on DACA.

In this interview, Sarah Smith, a sophomore pre-med/biology major, explains why we need to protect kids who have never been to their parents home country under the rights of DACA.

Ashley Shirazi, a sophomore pre-med/biology major, states that she believes that we as a nation need to defend the rights of children who are here with the help of DACA.

Here Jacob Dupler, a freshman microbiology major, talks about why he believes illegal immigrant children should be allowed to stay in the United States under the coverage of DACA.