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Oklahoma public, private educators support teacher walkout

Fifth-grade teacher Melissa Nelson prepares lessons for her class at Oklahoma Christian School, a private school, in Edmond, Oklahoma.

Chelsea Horn

April 9, 2018

Private and preparatory schools across Oklahoma are standing with public school teachers as they their fight for better education funding. While the private schools of Oklahoma are not state funded, many educators stand with their fellow teachers and believe their fight should not end until their requests...

Oklahoma fights to make stolen valor a punishable crime

Members of the Senate vote on Bill 995. SB 995 will punish those who impersonate members or veterans of the United States Armed Forces.

Chelsea Horn

March 15, 2018

As of February 28, Oklahoma is half way to punishing those who falsely identify their services in the U.S. Armed forces or falsely represent military valor with more sever than a slap on the wrist. With Senate voting unanimously, 41-0, in favor, those who impersonate or misrepresent themselves as a ...

Stop the bleed Oklahoma!

Pediatric trauma coordinator at OU Medical Center, Lindsey Henson teaching how to stop the bleeding in case of an emergency.

Chelsea Horn

February 26, 2018

Whether it’s a gunshot wound or an injury from a vehicle collision, Oklahomans can be equipped to save someone’s life. Due to the increase of preventable casualties, the OU Medical Trauma Team is offering hands-on-training to members of the community. “We are going to educate our community on ...

The world tastes good ’cause Campus Corner thinks it should

University of Oklahoma student Peyton Brougher purchases a dessert from Apple Tree Chocolates on Campus Corner in Norman. Apple Tree Chocolates offers chocolate-dipped fruit, fudge, baked goods and much more.

Chelsea Horn

November 29, 2017

From ice cream to apples and everything in-between, the Norman community now has the choice of five different dessert shops on Campus Corner due to the recent addition of Insomnia Cookies and Frosty’s Rolled Ice Cream. The five dessert shops, Apple Tree Chocolate, Baked Bear, Frosty’s Rolled Ice...

Norman restaurant offers twist on traditional dining with tequila

Waitress Lauren Todd serves margaritas to customers as they await the tequila dinner at Puebla Tacos y Tequileria. The dinner includes beer, tequila, a three-course meal and a tequila 101 course.

Chelsea Horn

November 9, 2017

A local Norman restaurant has been elevating the dining experience for the Mexican food lovers of Oklahoma by incorporating a tequila element to their dinners. Puebla Tacos y Tequileria offers an informative tequila dinner experience the first Thursday of each month. The dinner includes a tequila 101...

Pangea takes the stage at OU

Pangea takes the stage at OU

Chelsea Horn

November 9, 2017

Three Chinese musicians took the stage at Sharp Music Hall playing ancient string instruments to create an array of contemporary music last week, drawing in a crowd of both young and old. Pangea is a group of musicians from different parts of China who are touring the U.S. teaching informative...

OU science departments await building renovations

A plaque in front of the 50-year-old Physical Sciences Center at the University of Oklahoma.

Chelsea Horn

October 21, 2017

Science students and faculty have been losing patience as they wait for the University of Oklahoma to launch much-needed renovations of their buildings. While the football stadium, library and physics building have been renovated in the past three years, buildings such as the century-old Chemistry Building...

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