Pangea takes the stage at OU


Chelsea Horn

Three Chinese musicians took the stage at Sharp Music Hall playing ancient string instruments to create an array of contemporary music last week, drawing in a crowd of both young and old.
Pangea is a group of musicians from different parts of China who are touring the U.S. teaching informative classes about the culture and musical traditions of China. Their mission is to educate people around the world through classes and through their spin on contemporary music.
“I chose the name Pangea because our music is a super, diverse, music style,” said Albert Chang, the pianist of Pangea. “In the beginning, there was one supercontinent: Pangea. The world later broke into many continents, and just like Pangea, our music embodies diverse styles from every continent in the world.”
The band wants to return and collaborate with musicians in the Midwest, said Hong Wang, founder of Pangea.
“We work to arrange as one cohesive, yet diverse, sound, not just Chinese people and not just American people.”
Because of OU’s Confucius Institute, Pangea taught the Norman community about Chinese culture through their informative class and musical performance. Pangea enjoyed their time here and hope to return after their educational tour across the Midwest.