The world tastes good ’cause Campus Corner thinks it should


University of Oklahoma student Peyton Brougher purchases a dessert from Apple Tree Chocolates on Campus Corner in Norman. Apple Tree Chocolates offers chocolate-dipped fruit, fudge, baked goods and much more.

Chelsea Horn

From ice cream to apples and everything in-between, the Norman community now has the choice of five different dessert shops on Campus Corner due to the recent addition of Insomnia Cookies and Frosty’s Rolled Ice Cream.
The five dessert shops, Apple Tree Chocolate, Baked Bear, Frosty’s Rolled Ice Cream, Hurts Donut Company and Insomnia Cookies, all offer a different product, but with very similar taste.
Of 63 Norman residents surveyed, the majority said they prefer cookies as their dessert of choice while respondents preferred donuts the least. Regarding their favorite dessert shop, 25 of those surveyed said they favor Insomnia Cookies, 17 favor Baked Bear, 11 favor Apple Tree Chocolate and 10 favor Hurts Donut Company and Frosty’s Rolled Ice Cream.
“I prefer Insomnia because of the price, how fresh it is and because there is always a variety,” said Spencer Winn, University of Oklahoma student.
Winn said the in-and-out process at Insomnia Cookies paired with the low-price tag made it the most popular among his friends.
“A lot of the other dessert shops are overpriced,” Winn said. “Have you looked at the price of Apple Tree and Frosty’s? I don’t know how they plan to stay open.”
Frosty’s Rolled Ice Cream has been open less than a month which might be why they were one of the less-favored dessert shops.
Many University of Oklahoma students have been wondering whether the five businesses can remain in friendly competition with the community’s variety of preferences to satisfy their sweet tooth.