Student Life Brings Gender Inclusivity to Camp Crimson

Clare Spizzirri

By: Clare Spizzirri

In order to accommodate all students without discrimination, this year Camp Crimson Small Group Leader applications included several options for the applicant’s specific gender identity, as well as a new category for the applicant’s preferred pronouns.

The primary goal for Camp Crimson Small Group Leaders is to make sure incoming students feel they have been connected with a vital support system to help them succeed while at The University of Oklahoma. In order to achieve this goal, Camp Crimson offers a diversity experience, which was implemented the summer of 2015. This experience teaches students about the diverse situations they will come across in a large collegiate setting, and how to handle any possible adversity.

The new addition of several gender identity options and preferred pronouns allow LGBTQ students to identify themselves with their individual characteristics. Assistant director to student life, Bridgitte Castorino, was the mind behind adding these new changes. Castorino mentioned several times that even though this addition is new, it is long overdue, “Yes, these changes are new and different to see for several applicants, but it’s going to make future SGL’s a lot more comfortable and accepted within this organization, as well as the campers” said Castorino.

Campus Activities Council Treasurer and Student Government Association employee Kara Elwick works closely with all student life activities. Elwick several times mentioned Student Life’s goal of complete campus inclusivity. “That’s our job. With student life, and with CAC and with Camp Crimson, we’re here to make students feel accepted and welcome. Changing the wording on an application is such a small that you can do… They’re making an effort for everyone to feel special, welcome and important.”