Faculty-in-residence raise their children in dorms.

Jaycie Bayless

After karate practice six-year-old Stella Siler returns to eat dinner with her dad at a University of Oklahoma residence hall, she calls home.

Stella lives in Walker Center with her parents, Cameron and Jessi Siler, who are faculty-in-residence for OU.

Cameron Siler is an Assistant Professor of Biology and an Assistant Curator of Herpetology while Jessi is a Physician Assistant at Classen Urgent Care in Norman.

The couple planted roots at OU in 2015 and since then have added a baby boy, Sam Siler, to the family.

“Jessi was very pregnant when we moved into Walker but Sam is now two-years-old. While he might not remember much I hope Stella has fond memories of living here, Cameron said.

Two other faculty-in-residence couples, the Millers and the Andersons, also have children under six-years-old.

OU started its faculty-in-residence program in 1996 to support President David Boren’s mission to promote a sense of community.

According to OU’s website, permitting faculty to live on campus enables students to develop “out of the classroom” experiences with professors.

Families live rent-free while participating in the faculty-in-residence program and are have a meal plan.

However, after a few years, most families choose to move on.

According to Shad Satterthwaite, Coordinator of the Faculty-in-Residence program and Associate Dean to the College of Liberal Studies, most families only stay three years.

With one year remaining, Cameron hopes to make the most of it.

Cameron said, “I hope that before we move away, Sam and Stella are able to make memories that they will hold onto forever.”

Stella Siler watches Veggie Tales at the kitchen table after dinner. Stella lives in Walker Center with her parents, Cameron and Jessi Siler, who are Faculty-in-residence for OU.