Norman’s Namesake Bar Revamps Business

Chandler Kidd



The Blue Bonnet Bar is located on Main Street. New owners Michelle Simer and Tanner Miller helped add new additions to the bar, Chandler Kidd. 

Main Street in Norman, Oklahoma is known for being the town’s oldest dive bar that has been serving the community since at least the 1940s.

The Blue Bonnet Bar was recently taken over by Michelle Simer and Tanner Miller on November 1, 2016, when the previous owner since 2002, Ken Green, announced he was going to sell the bar.

“Tanner and I had been working part time at Blue Bonnet for fun. One day Ken announced he was selling the bar and we bought it because we fell in love with the bar,” Simer said.

Simer and Miller plan to revamp the dive bar in a modernized way through renovated decorations and an expanded drink menu. As young owners, they hope changes will bring in a younger crowd to the bar.

“Blue Bonnet used to be beer only and cash only, on day one we began to work on getting our liquor license and bought a credit card machine,” Miller said.

The new Blue Bonnet Bar decorations include an open window with a lounge area for customers to relax in. Simer and Miller have kept the honky-tonk bar feel with a modern twist.

Miller and Simer have kept old traditions by only supporting local musicians and businesses. Customers can now listen to their favorite local artists on the jukebox and can see local musicians play most nights of the week Simer said.

The Blue Bonnet Bar is open Monday through Saturday from 12 p.m. to 2 a.m. and on Sundays from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. For more information on upcoming artists and events, visit the bar’s Facebook page for updates.