The Family Business

Jaron Spor

By Jaron Spor
Comanche Construction did not start out to become the construction company they are today.
Today, Comanche Construction is a construction company located in Purcell, Oklahoma. The company is owned and operated by Patrick McClung, his wife Teresa McClung and three of their four children.
The oldest Andrew is the Vice President. Jessica is the next oldest and she is a Project Manager. The youngest of the three, Michael is the Superintendent.
It was founded in 1995 by Patrick and his wife, Teresa and it started as a “simple” window cleaning service then went on to become a full janitorial service.
Patrick and Teresa decided to venture into Construction not long after the company was started. There first job as a construction company was to clean up construction sites. Not long after doing construction site clean-ups they decided to become a “full residential and commercial construction company.”
The company prides themselves on honor, trust, and quality. Comanche Construction guarantees to have quality work and a timely finish.
Barbara Ohsfeldt, principal of Community Christian School in Norman, used Comanche Construction to help put in new flooring for the school’s gym after the pipes froze and burst which flooded the floor.
“They did a good job and we were pleased with their work. I like the McClungs.” she said.