Fort Worth’s Noodles and Boba Tea

Jack Moran

Located on Beach Street in Fort Worth, Texas, Noodles at Boba Tea House has been serving the area Vietnamese food for the past 10 years.

Holly Pham has been opening the doors of Noodles at Boba Tea House at 10:30 a.m. nearly every day for the past 10 years to serve Fort Worth the food that has been a part of her family for generations.

Pham, a former Immigrant of the Vietnam War, opened the Boba Tea House in February of 2007 with her sisters Nga and Kim. Since then, it has become Noodles at Boba Tea House and the menu has grown to incorporate an extensive range traditional Vietnamese cuisine.

“I believe, in the Fort Worth area, you can consider us one of the best,” Pham said.

“I have a rule that if I’m not going to eat it, if I’m not going to drink it, I’m not going to serve it. So everything on the menu is basically hand-picked or hand-made.”

When the business first started though, there were some who did not see the Vietnamese restaurant becoming a success, including Holly’s husband of 26 years, Ha.

“I never thought she would be able to run the restaurant the way it’s been ran,” he said.

“I know I couldn’t do it.”

Despite all of her success, Holly realizes that if it were not for her background, Noodles at Boba Tea House may look very different, or there may just be no restaurant at all.

“Being a minority, I believe, gives me the push to do it better,” Holly said.