Oklahoma City Sandwich Shop Employs Daughter to Help Business

Garrett Davis

The owners of a sandwich shop in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, have decided after nine years to transfer operational duties to their daughter in hopes of promoting their restaurant online and reaching a younger audience.

Lee’s Sandwiches opened in 2008 under Minh Nguyen, a local Oklahoma City business owner. The shop specializes in traditional Vietnamese cuisine and prides itself in extremely low-priced sandwiches. However, without any social media, Lee’s struggles with attracting new customers. Jenny Nguyen, the now-manager of Lee’s, left her home in Dallas, Texas, after four years to replace her uncle who left to open a pho restaurant down the street.

“My parents needed someone to fill the spot, and I’m at that age where it’s kind of my turn,” Jenny Nguyen, the now-manager of Lee’s, said. “But I’ll give up 70 hours a week. [They] gave up their whole life.”

After fleeing the chaos that was the Vietnam War, Mr. Nguyen and his wife came to California by boat without familial ties or a firsthand experience of American culture. Predictably, the adjustment proved challenging for Mr. Nguyen.

“I came here with no speaking any English, and my wife the same,” Nguyen said. “I came in 1980 and I was 18, so there was no way I could go to high school because that’s the end age for high school.”

Jenny Nguyen hopes to invigorate Lee’s by implementing a social media presence, planning spinoff restaurants with new dishes tied to her mother’s recipes and fostering community relationships.

“I think my dad has done a great job in launching this business, keeping it alive and making it what it is today,” Jenny Nguyen said, “but I think it’s now my turn to figure out what else we can do for my generation.”


Lee’s Sandwiches is located at 3300 N Classen Blvd, Oklahoma City, OK. Give them a follow on their newly created Instagram (leessandwiches_okc).