Favorite spot on Lindsey tries to overcome construction woes

Daniel Johnston


Jasi Patel, a manager at the local favorite, Donut King, is working hard to overcome the construction that continues to plague West Lindsay Street businesses.

“Since the construction began, business is half,” Patel said.

The Donut King isn’t the only business being negatively impacted by a prolonged construction project, companies next door and across the street are starting to shut their doors. Patel says they’ve lowered prices and have been working longer shifts in an effort to spark more customer interest and compensate for the loss in sales.

Even when construction is completed the project will still be negatively impacting the business. “They are putting in a plumbing divider in front of the parking lot, so now a customer will have to go further down the road and turn around to come get a donut,” Patel said. “I’m just hoping they get finished soon, so the business can get back to where it should be.”