The Nightmare Continues on Lindsey St.

Tucker McIntire

Local businesses on Lindsey St. continue to face major problems as roadwork continues month after month. Jaime Dale, manager of Regional Finance says, “it has impacted us horribly, less people are coming in because traffic is so bad.”

Dale believes that some customers are going to competitors as many accounts have been lost, simply because it is such a struggle to get around on Lindsey St., and for the same reason walk-ins have dramatically decreased.

Dale says that it produces a pain for employees as well because it is such a hassle to get around. “For example, if you are trying to go somewhere for your hour lunch break, it takes 20 minutes alone just to get off Lindsey St.”, says Dale.

The roadwork crew was working on the rod outside of Regional Finance for several weeks, leaving the area dusty, dirty, and hard for customers to visit. Additionally, Dale says, “the machines they used to break the existing concrete shook the whole building.”

The roadwork has been going on for months, and Dale states that the construction management keeps pushing the date of completion back further and further as crews have to manuver around traffic.


Jaime Dale, Manager, Regional Finance