OU implements bird deterrent in parking garage

Abby Green

The University of Oklahoma has installed a bird deterrent system in the Asp Avenue parking garage in reaction to complaints about bird droppings on the floor of the garage.


The nearly $500 system, installed on March 1, is called “Bird-X Super BirdXPeller Pro” and imitates bird squawking noises to prevent the birds from roosting in the parking garage.


OU student McKenzie Garrard said she hears the noises coming from the garage every day.


“I could not figure out why it constantly sounded like a bird was being attacked because that’s honestly what it sounds like,” Garrard said.


OU Parking Services is experimenting with different parts of the deterrent such as volume, frequency, and location to make the system better.


Manager of Operations Parking Services, Vicky Holland said OU parking services is aware of the loud noises but plans to move the system to other areas on campus in the future to confuse the pigeons.


“It probably scares the students a little bit, but we have the ability to turn it down and to move it and once the birds get used to the noise we will have to move the bird deterrent to other areas to confuse the poor pigeons,” Holland said.


Holland added that the system has been successful in other areas of campus.


“The system is an effort to rid the complaints about bird droppings in the garage and we have had success with the system in the Health Science Center Parking and Transportation,” Holland said.


Cutline: The University of Oklahoma has installed a bird deterrent system called “Bird-X Super BirdXPeller Pro” in the Asp parking garage. Abby Green/News Crowd