OU Organizations Use the Arts to Unite

Harlee Toothman

Seven student organizations at the University of Oklahoma came together to create an event to unify people through various art forms.

The first ever Unity in Arts Event was held on April 18, 2017 at the Sam Noble Museum in Norman.

Multiple student organizations hosted the event, including the Student Government Association, Black Student Association, Iranian Cultural Association, OU Muslim Student Association, Asian American Student Association, Hispanic American Student Association and the American Indian Student Association.

The different organizations used the event to present their cultures through various art forms such as caliphraphy art, dance performances and costume presentations.

“I think that tonight’s event went really well and I’m very proud of how far we came considering this was the very first event,” Danial Gebreili said. “In the future years I think we would like to include more organizations.”

Gebreili created and lead Unity in Arts based off of the previous Unity Symposium event held in November of 2016. The Unity Symposium was also aimed at promoting inclusivity and understanding of different organizations cultures.

“The one thing that all cultures have in common is the shared values in Art,” Gebreili said. “This was something that we believed we could contribute again to our university and bring all these organizations together expressing their art in a positive way.”

Spectators and students from various organizations gather in the Sam Noble Museum with the American Indian Association to be apart of the final performance at Unity in Arts Event on Tuesday April 18, 2017.