Relax Inn on Route 66 Provides Simple Life

Chandler Kidd

The Tamakuwala family owns the Relax Inn that is located on historic Route 66 in Vinita, Oklahoma.

Throughout the calendar year many travelers embark on the classic American highway known as Route 66.

Route 66 allows travelers to experience quaint and simple small towns. Chetan Tamakuwala, owner of the Relax Inn Motel in Vinita, Oklahoma, said this is the mission behind his small business.

“The simple life is the life, no trouble or nothing. Just take care of the kids and my wife,” Chetan Tamakuwala said.

In 1984 Chetan Tamakuwala emigrated from India to Canada with his family he said.

“During the day when I first arrived I would work and at nights go to school. After some time I took on an accounting job which got me interested in owning a small business,” Chetan Tamakuwala said.

After having children with his wife, Rapaul Tamakuwala, Chetan moved his family to Oklahoma in early 2000 to learn about the motel and hotel business. The Tamakuwala family chose to open a motel business in Vinita, Oklahoma with a population of 5,594 residents.

The Tamakuwala family enjoys being apart of the motel business in a small town because of the connections the family has made with the community Karan Tamakuwala, Chetan’s youngest son, said.

“We have connections with the police department, municipal court, fire department and many other community organizations. It really is phenomenal that we made the friends we have,” Karan Tamakuwala said.

Route 66 has provided the Tamakuwala family prosperity with the motel business. The busiest time of the year for the Relax Inn is the summer months Chetan Tamakuwala said.