UPB’s New Engagement Initiative

Cassidy Mudd

You may know the Union Programming Board for their events such as the Foam Party or their free movie showings in the Meacham auditorium. But what you may not know about is their new student engagement initiative “UPB Hours”.

The UPB regularly holds Friday, Saturday events but saw a need for daytime functions for those students who couldn’t make it on the weekends.

“Sometimes they’re just busy, or they’re commuters and coming up here for one event just doesn’t make sense for them, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t see the Union has the living room of campus.” Patrick Lockwood, Engagement Director, said.

Lockwood says that with UPB Hours, students are still able to get the fun experiences that the UPB brings to the Union without worrying about their schedules.

UPB Hours has at least two events per week, during the day where students can swing by the Union to visit whatever event is going on in-between classes.

“It can be anything from ‘here’s some free food’ to make their day a little easier, ‘here’s a free glass of lemonade’ or any event that could be happening.” Matt Nash, Coordinator of Union Programs and Special Projects, said.

The Union Programming Board’s biggest motivation for this project is to make the Union more welcoming and engaging for its students as well as to follow their motto “Always something”.