Students Fed Up with Jenkins Parking Garage


Cheyenne Plummer

The Parking office of OU added new signs this week to the Jenkins Parking Garage… and students are fed up.

The Garage was opened on January 14th, and it drastically reduced commuters time to find a parking spot.  Commuters are only allotted one floor out of the five total, and it is not sitting well.  Even members of the new Residential Colleges are upset, because they were promised to have a good amount of parking spaces, but they also only have one floor.

Kaitlin Seibold, a Junior Health and Excercise Science Major and resident of Dunham College, is “very upset with the layout of the Jenkins Parking Garage. I have a priority housing permit and there never seems to be enough parking.”  She also goes on to point out that not only does it seem like there is not enough parking, but that, “The parking at OU has almost become non existent and it is extremely difficult to park anywhere on campus”

I spoke with Kristapher Glenn, the Director of Parking Services, who said that the Jenkins Parking Garage was primarily made for residents of the Residential Colleges.  This is baffling considering the fact that many residential college residents feel as though they do not have enough Parking.

Whether someone is a student commuter, living on campus, or even faculty and staff, one thing that everyone can agree on is that Parking services needs to offer more Parking for everyone, or they will face even more criticism in the future.