OU School of Meteorology struggles to keep students in program


George Stoia

The University of Oklahoma has one of the top meteorology schools in the country, but recently students are leaving the College of Atmospheric and Geographic Sciences due to difficult and uninteresting classes.

OU’s School of Meteorology is relatively small with only 250 undergraduate students. The program ranks as the seventh best weather program in the country by College Factual, bringing in students from near and far.  Junior Emma Kazeze was one of those students, coming from Des Moines, Iowa, thinking she wanted to go into weather forecasting.

“I knew it was a top program, and that was really appealing to me,” Kazeze said, who is now an accounting and finance major. “But there were so many people in my class that knew so much more than me and that was intimidating.”

Kazeze said she knew at the age of five she wanted to be a meteorology major, but after one and a half semesters of studying weather, she found herself uninterested due to the difficulty of the classes.

“When I had that realization, I was like I can’t study this for the next three years,” Kazeze said.

The College of Atmospheric and Geographic Sciences currently requires students to take physics, chemistry and differential and integral calculus one. Having to take that much math and science is one reason many students do not stay with the program all four years. Despite students dropping the major, the OU School of Meteorology continues to be one of the university’s top departments.