OU Cart sees Surge in Ridership

Cheyenne Plummer

OU CART services have been working hard to make sure all students have a free way to get to class.

Since the expansion of ticketing hours and decrease in the amount of parking available on campus the Lloyd Noble Center has seen a considerable spike in riders.  In April of 2017, the Lloyd Noble Route 40 saw 65,037 students for the entire month, while in September of 2017, it saw a total of 79,423 students.

This ride in riders is considerable, and could be due to the ever rising cost of a Parking Pass and the ever decreasing amount of parking spaces available.  A parking pass last year cost 249 dollars, while one this year will set you back 261.

Melissa Hernandez, a Sophomore Psychology major, is thankful for the Lloyd Noble Route, saying “Economically the bus system is more beneficial than parking on campus. You are almost guaranteed a parking spot and are dropped off at the center of campus.”

The CART System has done its best to accommodate this rise in students, by allowing students to stand and by sending busses every five minutes during peak hours of the day.

Taylor Johnson, Planner and Grants Specialist of CART, said that although the line can get pretty long at Lloyd Noble, one bus fits around 65 people, and that pretty much eats the entire line.

OU Cart is doing the best it can to accommodate students, now it is up to Parking Services to make sure Lloyd Noble always stays a free and great way to park for classes.