Jantzen McGhee

When it comes to printing on the OU campus, students have had limited options in the past. This semester however, OU IT has given students new convenient options in the form of new WEPA kiosks.

WEPA is a service facilitated by OU IT that allows students to print quickly from their email,
Google Drive, or from a “cloud.” This semester brings the addition of multiple new kiosks in high traffic areas on campus with the students’ schedules in mind. OU IT Associate Director of Learning Spaces Kevin Buck commented on the additions.

“WEPA has given us the flexibility to place those kiosks in buildings that have large classes, like Adams or Dale Hall, where we know students will be, and it is right on their way to class.”

These kiosks come at no cost to the University, and are solely serviced and maintained by WEPA. This means that less money is spent on printing costs at a time that OU IT says is a time of printing decline.

“Over the last few years, the demand for printing has decreased, so we have seen an overall decline and I think a lot of that aligns with the tools that students have and as faculty become more comfortable with posting things online” Buck said.

OU IT remains optimistic about new classroom technologies and is looking for ways to make student life more convenient.