Price Passport to Success, or failure?

Adam Seibel


Still in its infancy, the University of Oklahoma’s Price College of Business’s Price Passport to Success, a program intended to better equip Price students to enter the business world, is experiencing some growing pains and is leaving some students mystified as to the what the purpose of the program is as well as how many points they need in order to graduate on time.


Received well by some, the new program has faced criticism among students who feel as though it is unnecessary as well as not it being clearly communicated to them.

Some students have been caught in a bind, whereas they transfer into Price as upperclassman yet still are required to complete the program as if they were a freshman.


This emerging grey area has resulted in leaving many students in Price confused as to how many points they need, where they stand currently, and where they should go from there. However, within two years, once the program will have been in place for every class to experience it as not a ‘new’ program but rather something that has just been in place, Price may expect to see a more positive reception of the new program, however only time will tell if these students that are getting left behind in these points will be left in the dust and not allowed to graduate.



Supply chain management senior Andy Dominguez wishes the program had been in place when he first came into Price as a freshman, however he does feel as though the college could do a better job of communicating the program to students.