OU IT closes Boyd location

Jantzen McGhee

After much deliberation, the University of Oklahoma Information Technology department has consolidated into one store. This came after the decision to close the store on Boyd this past Christmas break.

The remaining store is inside of the Oklahoma Memorial Union on campus, and is reporting no difference in business after the closure of the Boyd store.

“With students coming in, it’s pretty much the same. You get dips when we have a big break, and then when people come back they have to buy a bunch of stuff. Its been pretty much the same since the closure,” said Kyle Dalton, OU IT store team leader.

The most commonly sold items at the Union store were headphones, flash drives, and MacBooks before the move. Employees say that this is still the case after the merger of the two stores.

The idea of a third IT store was proposed by management and the decision was made to consolidate into one store before moving forward with any expansions.

Employees moved all inventory and fixtures across the street into the location inside of the Union during Christmas break so that business could go on without a hitch. The Boyd store closed on the last day of the fall 2017 semester.

“There isn’t anything in the Union for college students to just come in and hang out and chill. That is what we want this store to be. We are trying to make the back of the store somewhere for students to explore technology, and also have fun and hang out,” Dalton said.

IT store employees said that there is no word on if or when a new store will open.