Dean of Gallogly School of Engineering firm on completion of new center

Spencer Reuss

Dean Landers has not the slightest bit of worry about the future of brand-new Gallogly Engineering Center being completed. This is stemming off of reports that funding issues could stall or derail the project entirely.

“I believe that we will be finished in late spring or summer and potentially available for scheduling of classes next fall.” says Landers. He proceeded to add that, “we continued to do fundraising and we are going to get this done.”

Dan Seesholtz, who is the Director of Special Projects for Dean Landers deals more with fundraising and timetables for completion of Gallogly Hall was able to concur. Seesholtz confirmed that there was “no doubt” in the completion of this center.

Landers accredits much of the recent construction success to long stretches of fair weather so, “that the contractors have been able to make really good progress.” Although the last month has been relatively wet so construction has slowed down some.

Gallogly Hall, as it is now known, has proven to be essential in promoting growth for the College of Engineering at OU. Enrollment has been up the past few years, especially for women breaking into STEM.

“We have had as high as fifty, maybe sixty percent women.” Landers said while referring to the previous years enrollment numbers. In years before this, Landers claims that, “numbers could have reached around forty-percent.”

“We hope this will recruit greater numbers, especially women and underrepresented minorities and outstanding students.” said Landers.