S1 OU Gender and Equality Center searching for new director

Lucas Whitaker

The Oklahoma University Gender and Equality Center is actively searching for a director to be the new face of the GEC.

The interviewing process is ongoing as the center looks to hire a perfect fit that reflects core values of the GEC. Originally known as The OU Women’s Outreach Center, the center changed its name to the Gender and Equality Center on January 1st, 2016 to make the center more inclusive.

The center conducts first year student trainings such as Step In Speak Out, while also supporting other LGBTQ events around OU’s campus and the Norman area. The Gender and Equality Center states on its website its goal is “to foster social justice by advocating for the rights of women and LGBTQ students, empowering those without a voice, and challenging inequality.”

Jordan Weaver is the LGBTQ Program Coordinator and Advisor for the GEC. With the correct new hire, Weaver envisions an even more productive GEC. “The director should be adaptable and forward-thinking, not just responsive to the demands we currently have – but rather laying the foundation for future work,” said Weaver.

Current OU senior Kaylyn Cargill and other LGBTQ students are counting on a new director to come in ready to work. “It’s insanely important, the LGBTQ community and gender equality in general can get very unstable on campus and it’s very important that we have the right person that can make sure everything’s in check and make us feel supported,” said Cargill.










Gender and Equality Center Website



Kaylyn Cargill – OU Student

Ask me for her information if needed


Jordan Weaver – LGBTQ Program Coordinator and Advisor for GEC

Email – [email protected]

GEC Office number – 405-325-4929