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Sierra Walker talks about her career and how it has let her to where she is now.


A University of Oklahoma student is taking her leap of faith and moving to the Big Apple in December in hopes of bringing home the brass ring.

Senior Sierra Walker has been acting since she was in eighth grade. Since then, she has taken risk after risk to get to where she is today. Without these risks, there would be no rewards.

“It’s so easy to not take the risks but you won’t be seen that way,” said Walker. “Make mistakes make huge mistakes because it’s how you get started. This whole career is about making mistakes and taking huge risks and not being afraid of that and not being afraid of making those choices.”

Setbacks are part of the career and sometimes it has nothing to do with talent.

“it’s a lot of coming to terms with the fact that you weren’t wrong but you weren’t right,” said Walker.

To some actors not getting cast can be seen as a chance to better prepare for the future. Marcus Popoff is one of those actors.

“Last year I did not get cast in any of the productions,” said Popoff. “That definitely felt more like a setback but I look at it now as more of a set up. I feel like it set me up to be better prepared for this year.”

The risks she took helped Walker realize another passion besides acting.

“I’ve discovered I love directing and I wouldn’t have discovered that if I hadn’t had the setbacks that I’ve had in acting,” said Walker.


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