OU transitions to online bookstore supplier


Jericka Handie

University of Oklahoma student searches for textbook at the OU Bookstore on Sept. 14.

By spring 2019, The University of Oklahoma will no longer offer on-campus purchases for coursework materials.

OU is moving to an online bookstore, Akademos, and ending relations with Follet. The switch will provide lower pricing on textbooks and course materials for students, according to a press release from the Senior Vice President and Provost’s Office.

Kaeli Johnson, psychology sophomore, said she appreciates the option to shop on campus for books and supplies.

“I think this will impact students because the bookstore is very convenient to just walk up here and get your books,” Johnson said. “Being able to physically go get your books is more personable because you can ask questions and see what you are doing.”

Currently, OU’s Bookstore vendor sells both fan merchandise and course materials. The OU Faculty Senate wanted to separate the two to cut costs and found online sellers are cheaper than brick-and-mortar stores.

Akademos provides materials in multiple formats, including new and used physical textbooks, that ship for free, rentals and e-book access, according to an email sent to faculty and staff in May from Mark Morvant, associate provost.

Students, faculty and staff established a committee to brainstorm ways to lower costs of course materials.

Joshua Nelson, faculty senate Chair-elect, said the change in providers should have an overall positive effect on students.

“The increased utility of an online store made a compelling argument, as did the financial benefit for students,” Nelson said.

Akademos will have a dedicated account manager and campus representative for the university who will work with faculty and staff during the transition, according to an email sent to faculty and staff on Sept. 10.

Additional information about the transition to Akademos is available on the Provost’s Office website.