OU Art History Major Describes Lack of Class Options


Talon Forbis

Art ambassador at The University of Oklahoma describes how there are not many class options when enrolling as an art history major.

Summer Parnell is a junior at OU currently studying abroad in Arezzo, Italy. Parnell describes some of the complications faced when trying to enroll in courses.

“For this fall, there are nine upper-division art history courses offered. That’s not including independent studies or internships… That’s about roughly 27 hours” said Parnell.

The degree sheet for art history majors states the requirement is at least 24 hours of upper-division courses. Parnell says this makes it difficult to create a schedule that fits into her life.

According to Parnell, diversity in courses is also lacking at OU. In addition to 24 upper-level hours, it is also required to take diverse courses dealing with art.

“You need at least 2 courses in ancient through 18th century European art. You need 2 courses in 19th, 20th or contemporary European or American art, and you also need 2 courses in Asian, African, Pre-Colombian or Native American Art… At OU that’s not really offered” said Parnell.

Out of these diverse requirements, there are only classes in European, American and Native American art history at OU. Parnell believes that because of this she and other art history students are not getting a well-rounded education.