Stomachs full, pockets empty


Gabriel Castillo

University of Oklahoma students are finding their food costs to be higher than expected and student Meal Plans may be to blame.

Dining options like Couch Restaurant and Crossroads, are well known around campus for their high prices and cater chiefly toward students living on campus, using these Meal Plans.

Photo by: Gabriel Castillo Couch Restaurants During the dinner rush on October 18, at the University of Oklahoma Campus in Norman

The plans offered consist of Meal Points worth one dollar a piece and Meal Exchanges with a dollar value of $12.50 when used in Couch Restaurants, or $8.50 when used at any other on-campus dining location.

These pre-paid dining plans offered by Housing and Food Services, are primarily geared toward students living on campus, and some believe that these Meal Plans are the reason for the inflated prices.

“It just feels like, Im paying the price I used to pay with my exchanges.” said Mackenzy Cleveland, a sophomore who began living off campus this year. “It really doesn’t seem fair to the students who stopped buying the Meal Plans after freshman year.”

While many of the dining options do not differ heavily in price from their off-campus counterparts, a number of the on-campus restaurants are aimed toward students who rely largely on these university provided Meal Plans.