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State Parks Could Lose to Budget Cuts

Ashley Eddy

April 22, 2017

Almost half of Oklahoma’s State Parks are at risk of being shut down due to budget cuts. The state parks that are in the risk, were chosen due to their visiting numbers and amount of revenue being the lowest. One of these parks includes Lake Eufaula State Park. Eufaula is a small town, located right...

Creek Business Woman Finds Advantages in Being a Minority

Ashley Eddy

April 1, 2017

Many minority business owners have legitimate complaints when it comes to breaking into the business environment, but a Native American business owner recognizes it as a positive. Salina Dornan owns and operates the Re-New U Med Spa located in Eufaula, Oklahoma. She opened the business in Septemb...

Native American Culture Spreads to Future Generation

Tracey Satepauhoodle-Mikkanen, Executive Director of the Jacobson House, teaches students.

Ashley Eddy

March 1, 2017

A festival was held at the Jacobson House Native Art Center aiming to make younger students more aware of Native American cultural and history. Students from Kennedy Elementary came in different shifts throughout the day from school to learn more about the house, focusing on why it is important and teaching the...

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