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Native American artists create art show to celebrate their culture

Yatika Fields’ unfinished mural painting displayed in the Fred and Enid Brown gallery at Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History on March. 16, 2018, in Norman.

Rochelle Chukwuma

March 26, 2018

A Native American family of artists came together to showcase work that appreciates the value of family and indigenous culture at a natural history museum in Norman. Anita Fields, the mother of the family, is Osage, and she is a clay sculptor. Tom Fields, the husband, is Muscogee, and he is a pho...

Museum hosts club for young students to promote science

Spike’s Club students line up to go explore the ancient life gallery at Sam Noble Museum of Natural History on Feb. 1, 2018, in Norman.

Rochelle Chukwuma

March 19, 2018

  Elementary students are developing a love for the natural world as they participate in a monthly after-school program that promotes science hosted by a local history museum. The program's Spikes Club instructors at the Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History in Norman said the focus on...

Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History Hosts Spike’s Club for Young Students to Promote Science

Spike’s Club students learning about different animals that lived during ice ages.

Rochelle Chukwuma

February 10, 2018

The best part of the day for Eris Jackson was when she got to imagine what life was like during the ice ages. “My favorite part was coloring about the ice age,” she said. Eris Jackson was among 18 Norman-area elementary school students enrolled this month in Spike’s Club, a program that promotes interest in...

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