Oklahoma shelters open doors for pets stranded by Harvey


Kaelan Deese

Amid Harvey’s crisis, Oklahoma’s own Humane Society steps up to help Houston’s displaced pets in their darkest hour.

27 dog from all different breeds were transferred the Friday after the storm from Houston shelters to Oklahoma City.  With the help of ASPCA and the National Humane Society, the dogs remained unharmed by the Hurricane and are currently being treated for heartworm and other common diseases before being put up for adoption.

Melinda Prible, Oklahoma Humane Society’s development coordinator said, “Fortunately, the dogs we received were in good condition because they were already in other shelters, but their move provided room for animals that were actually scattered from the storms.”

Other states across the plains, even as far north as Chicago, have taken pets in an effort to help the overcrowded shelters in Houston.  “It’s really fantastic to see shelters across the nation works together at such great distances, we’re seeing a lot of positive impacts as a whole.”, Prible said.

For people looking to help this cause, Oklahoma Humane Society accepts donations via their web page.  For those looking to directly help these animals, Britney Copeland of the Humane Society advises,  “Over the next few weeks, the rescued animals from across state-lines will start being available for all to adopt.”

For more information, check out Oklahoma Humane Society online.